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Papuan (Diawi language) The Pãpuan language family (Papuan: Հայասեր) is a hypothetical language family or isolating language family that is supposed to have been spoken in a part of the present-day Indonesian island of New Guinea. It is not, however, generally accepted into any linguistic classification scheme, since the observed extant languages of New Guinea and neighboring islands and many of the sublanguages spoken in New Guinea defy straightforward classification as Papuan, and there is no clear separation between Papuan and Austronesian languages, let alone into isolates. Many people label the language spoken in New Guinea – all that is left of it, apart from the isolated islands of the Maluku and Solomons groups of the easternmost islands of Indonesia – as Papuan. Most linguists agree that Papuan language is not a valid biological taxon. One reason is the lack of a rigorous lexicostatistics between the languages of New Guinea, Austronesian languages of the western Pacific, and languages of Southeast Asia. For example, the near-universal assumption that the term ancestor can be applied to the ethnolinguistic ancestors of Papuan and Austronesian languages of the Western Pacific is not supported by the data. The estimated number of different languages from New Guinea or neighboring islands known to belong to the genus Proto-Papuan exceeds the 1,000 currently accepted, and is strongly debated. Also debated is the possible relationship between Proto-Papuan and Austronesian languages. Similarly, the number of languages of the Malayo-Polynesian and Indonesian branches in which borrowed words from Papuan languages entered is also an open question. The speakers of the languages of the Mainland Southeast Asia (Malayo-Polynesian) branch may have migrated from the island of Sulawesi to the islands of Southeast Asia and beyond in several waves. Some of these dialects may be related to the language of the extinct people of the island of Flores and parts of Bali in Indonesia. They have been claimed by some Indonesian linguists as a distinct branch of the Austronesian languages. The Solomon Islands branch of the Malayo-Polynesian group seems to be related to the languages of the Caroline, Mariana, and Gilbert Islands in the South Pacific. Its speakers have been variously claimed to be (i) the makers of the Polynesian languages of the

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Download Buku Ilmu Kebidanan Pdf =LINK=

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